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These are our most frequently asked questions. Always reach out if your question isn't answered here!

Why are your rates so cheap? Are there hidden fees? Do you charge for delivery?

There’s no catch. Vacations are expensive. Our weekly rate is comparable to what others charge for a day. Our full day rate is close to what others charge for two hours. We believe in creating exceptional memories with unbeatable prices.


Do you deliver to Sand Harbor?

We are the closest rental shop to Sand Harbor at just 6 minutes away. We do not deliver to the park as there already is a concession on site. That is why we provide complimentary roof racks designed to fit all vehicles.  Many of our guests reserve with us and transport our kayaks and paddle boards into Sand Harbor themselves. A family renting 4 paddle boards at the park will pay over $400. Renting from us will be half that! Come by our shop the night before and we will make sure you are loaded up safely and you will be at the park paddling before the other guys even open.


Do you deliver to Incline Beach or Burnt Cedar Beach?

Just like Sand Harbor, we are less than a mile from Incline Beach. We are just over a mile from Burnt Cedar. The majority of our in town Incline Village rentals opt for a full week even if they think they may only use the equipment two days, and we deliver to your vacation home and you bring it into the local beaches yourselves. If your staying in Incline and have access that’s your best bet. A full day rental directly at either beach is roughly the same as our weekly rate. Only here a short time? Stop by our shop on your way to the beach. Our daily rate is more than half of that of the concessions on site. As Incline Village locals you will probably see us and all our kids hanging out at Burnt Cedar all summer.


Will you deliver as far as Zephyr Cove, Meeks Bay or Tahoe Keys?

Yes. We have a two item minimum for a daily delivery to these locations unless you are opting for a full week: then just one kayak or paddleboard is just fine.


Can we bring our pets?

Yes. Bring your dogs, cats, miniature horses, tigers, your well behaved pet goldfish, etc. We do however charge a $10 cleaning fee. No body no matter how much you love dogs likes having a kayak that still smells like wet dog from the last renter.


Are you still following Covid protocols?

Yes. We thoroughly clean all equipment after each use with an alcohol based solution; kayaks, paddleboards, paddles, life jackets etc. Though mask mandates have been lifted, we will happily wear an N95 mask for client interactions if you wish. Just let us know!


What are your hours?

We list our hours as open 24hrs a day on google. Our shop is open by appointment. Want to pick up a paddleboard at 5:30am?Sure! Need your two tandem kayaks delivered on a Friday night at 9pm after your have checked in to your awesome VRBO? No problem.


How do we reserve? I don’t see a link for that.

Call us. Email us. Text us. All reservations are different. To make sure you have the best experience we don’t put our website on auto pilot to take your money. We treat all clients like family.


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